What We Do

IDEO is an organization that created The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design, a construct developed to creatively re-think problem solving. Nerds Abroad uses their core strategies of Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation to walk other non-profits through this process in order to increase your organization impact and reach through technology and education.

How it works:


We start by Framing our Design Challenge. What is your organization looking to do? Using Design Thinking, we put a structure around your goal to support successful completion


Using the determined Design Challenge framing, we brain storm ideas of how to reach your end-goal. We focus on the context of of your target population and use several activities in the Field Guide.


Once a solution has consensus and has been created, an action plan will be developed to deliver technology and educational services to your community!

Ready to get started? Our organization partners with one non-profit each quarter. Contact us today to apply. 

Looking to donate used electronics? Are you looking to acquire a refurbished laptop, tablet or desktop? 

Nerds Abroad takes your tax-deductible donations of computers, laptops, phones, and most other electronics to help fund our programs. Our staff includes a Microsoft Certified Refurbisher who will securely erase your devices to ensure your privacy and safety. Free cloud-based backup is also available! Your devices will be resold through various ecommerce channels, donated for use in resource-deficient communities, or recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.